for KINGSWAY DOG PARK Leash-free Stay and Play visits

Dogs must be leashed until the off-leash area has been entered.

Dogs must be under voice control and are not allowed to chase people.

Poop n Scoop is mandatory.  You must clean up after your dog.

Proof of Vaccinations must be provided.

Female dogs in heat, and sick dogs are to be kept out of this area.

Aggressive dogs are to be kept out of this area.  If a dog starts acting
aggressively towards others (both dogs and humans) it must
immediately be leashed and removed from the site.

No dog can be in the park without an adult human attending to it at all times.

All children must be supervised by an adult while in the park.

Dog owners are subject to Ontario Dog Owners Liability Act.


***Use the dog park at your own risk***